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Data StructuresAlgorithmsMisc
Hash tableLinear SearchBit Manipulation
Hashing FunctionBinary SearchIterative Algorithm
Collisions, Methods to avoid CollisionsJump SearchBrute Force
Clustering in Hash-tablesInterpolation SearchDivide and Conquer
Set, Hash set, BagsExponential SearchRecursion
Linked ListTernary SearchDynamic Programming
SinglySelection SortGreedy Algorithms
DoubleBubble Sort
CircularInsertion Sort
Cycle Detection in Linked-ListMerge Sort
Stack and QueuesHeap Sort
TreesQuick Sort
Binary TreeRadix Sort
Binary Search TreeCounting Sort
Ternary TreeBucket Sort
Red Black TreeShellSort
AVL TreeComb Sort
Tree BalancingPigeonhole Sort
Minimum Spanning TreeCycle Sort
Tree Traversal
N-ary Tree
Trie Tree
Balanced Tree
Min/Max Heap
adjacency matrix
adjacency list
traversals: BFS, DFS
Shortest path on unweighted Graph
Breadth First Search & Depth First Search
All pairs shortest path
Single Source Shortest path
Bellman Ford
Segment Tree
K Dimensional Tree:
Binary Indexed Tree:
Suffix Array and Suffix Tree:
Linked Hash Map

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